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Welcome to our world of fun Teddy bear activities

We are Ben and Mila!

Today is a great day!

We have so much to tell you and show you. Who are we? What fun have we planned for you? There is a lot to discover from the craft stall, and fun songs to enjoy. Dear Steiff and Steiff Teddy friends please join us as we invite you into our wonderful world of Teddy bear fun. If you don't understand something or can't do something yourself don't worry, ask a grown-up to help or a big brother or sister, they will have just as much fun helping.

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Are you hungry?
Welcome to our kitchen.

Come into our kitchen. Here you'll find everything from Teddy cookies to Teddy pizza to satisfy your Teddy bear hunger.

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Crafting, cutting, gluing.
Welcome to our craft stall.

There's lots of gluing and cutting to be done in our craft stall. Make your own Teddy bear ears, start the Teddy express or compete with your parents in the catching game. Try it out right here:

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Colour, cut out, print.
Our playground.

In our playground we start with Ben and Mila to colour in, with a Teddy mask and a jumping jack - a Teddy jumping jack, of course. Simply print out the template, get some scissors, glue and pencils and off you go.

Just download and get started!

Do-it-yourself jumping Teddy bear PDF Download
Teddy mask to cut out PDF Download

Bluebeards will find lots of bearish knowledge here.

Steiff teddy am laptop

There are lots of exciting things to learn about us bears so prick up your ears!

Fast and furious on four paws

In residential areas where there is a speed limit of 30km/h, a bear would be caught on the speed camera’s because he can actually run at 50km/h – but only if he is really hungry!

Where does the expression "Hungry bears" come from?
One day has 24 hours. What does a bear do most of his day? He eats of course! No less than 16 hours a day. He must really be hungry.

A very fine nose
We have now learnt that bears are always hungry. They have a particularly good nose for finding their food. They can smell their food from many miles away. They are real sniffing professionals.

More news from the bear world coming soon here.

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Listen, listen, sing along.

Here you will find lots of things to listen to and read in the future. Hoppie rabbit says good night to you, and we'll tell you some really exciting stories.

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Cuddly audio play fun with Lita, Hoppie and Jimmy

Have you ever listened? Hoppie Rabbit, Lita Lamb and Jimmy Teddy bear are the first cuddly toys that also tell exciting bedtime stories on the Toniebox. Find out what they are and how they do it here:

Der verschwundene Teddybär

This way to the adventure of Ben & Mila

Where is Bärle? Great excitement in the cuddly toy factory! For the 120th birthday of the very first Teddy bear, the preparations for the big anniversary party are in full swing when suddenly Bärle disappears. Ben and Mila go on a search for the missing Teddy bear and experience exciting adventures on the factory premises.

You can find our adventure as a book now in our Online Shop (available in German language).

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Steiff hoerspiel cd

Prick-up your Teddy bear ears!

Would you like a bedtime story? Ok! Then scamper off to bed, pull up the covers and you're almost ready to go. But don't forget to brush your teeth.

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We have arrived

Zwei steiff teddies auf fensterbank

Do you want a Ben and Mila of your very own?

Finally there are more of us, and you too can have your very own to cuddle. When we are home with you, we will have lots of special Teddy bear fun together.

Meet our Teddy bear family

On your bears, get set, go!

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Steiff 120 jahre teaser
Anniversary 2022

The big Teddy bear party

It is a very special year for all the Teddies of the world. The Teddy bear is now 120 years old. Richard Steiff celebrates his 145th birthday. As Steiff is the inventor of the Teddy bear, we are of course especially proud of this great event.

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