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Catch Cup

Skillfully caught

Ben and Mila have so much fun thinking up and making their own games.

Of course, they didn't think of just any game. No, how could it be otherwise, the two of them have made a catching game that looks like a bear. Ben and Mila have photographed every step of the game so that you can make it yourself. So quickly find a paper cup and let the fun begin!

Fangspiel material

What you need:

  • Paper cup
  • Brown photo cardboard scraps
  • Jute cord
  • Pointed scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Acrylic pencils in white and black
  • Pine cone
Bastelanleitung fangspiel step1

Step 1:

First cut out two smaller circles (approx. 2.5 cm) and one large circle (approx. 4.5 cm) for the ears and snout from brown photo cardboard.

Bastelanleitung fangspiel step2

Step 2:

Paint the snout with acrylic pencils. Then draw eyes on the cup.

Bastelanleitung fangspiel step4

Step 3:

Next, place the cup so that the bottom is facing up. Grab a pair of sharp scissors and poke a hole in the centre of the bottom of the cup.

Bastelanleitung fangspiel step3

Step 4:

Now it's time to glue. Glue the ears on the inside of the front rim of the cup. Place the snout in the centre of the front of the cup.

Bastelanleitung fangspiel step5

Step 5:

Then cut a piece of jute string about 40-50 cm long. Thread one end of the string through the hole and tie a thick knot in the end. Now the end of the string can no longer slip out.

Bastelanleitung fangspiel step6

Step 6:

Now put some craft glue on the other end of the string and stick the cone to it. Let the glue dry well. When it sticks firmly to the end of the string, you can start!

Can you catch the cone with the cup?

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