Trademark - Button in ear

An identification that makes our brand a legend.

At Steiff, we are proud of the "Button in Ear".

The Steiff "Button in Ear" is a pioneering act in product branding worldwide.

Our Button in Ear stands for something very special: for craftsmanship, creativity and unmistakable design and the history of each and every product. Forever since 1880.

Every original Steiff animal shows with the world-famous product branding, the Steiff "Button in Ear", that it originates from the very best house - and full of pride, every Steiff Teddy bear and every Steiff animal wears an ear flag as a distinctive mark.

The yellow Steiff ear tag with red lettering is well known to both small and grown-up Steiff friends: It shows that it is one of the many wonderful animals and Teddy bears from the wide, unlimited Steiff range - simply an unmistakable original.

Ohrfahnen Steiff Produktkategorien

The three product categories differ both in terms of product characteristics and pricing, ranging from entry-level items to limited-edition collector's items.

What they all have in common, however, is the high Steiff quality, the tested product safety and the unique design.