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A long-standing creative collaboration between two legendary companies.

Visionary founders. Creative excellence. An enduring legacy. Enthusiastic fans. These are just some of the attributes that Disney and Steiff share. They are the cornerstones of a collaboration that began in the 1930s and that continues to this day.

Walt Disney at Steiff

"It all started with a mouse," Walt Disney once said of his company. And it was with this very character that Disney's relationship with Steiff began.

The first version of Mickey by Steiff made its debut in 1931 and 30,000 were quickly sold. Minnie Mouse joined the range from 1932.

From children's plush in unlimited editions to limited collectors' editions and extremely rare one-offs for special events or auctions, Steiff has produced more than 100 Disney items. In addition to numerous variations of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Steiff has plushified an enormous range of characters from all Disney eras.

You can learn more about the history of the collaboration between Steiff & Disney in the timeline at the bottom of this page.

In 2023, when The Disney Company celebrates "100 Years of Wonder", the trusted collaboration will continue with more exclusive collectors' items and new unlimited Steiff items.

100 Years of Wonder - The Disney100 Collection

Produkt 355936 Steiff Disney D100 Mickey Platinum 355936

Mickey Mouse Disney100 Platinum

This extraordinary Mickey Mouse is presented in a monochrome platinum colour that Disney are using to celebrate their anniversary. Glitter elements compliment the overall design. This exclusive design celebrates and congratulates Disney on their anniversary year.

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Produkt 355943 Steiff Disney D100 Mickey Teddy bear

Mickey Mouse with Teddy bear Disney100

What a great combination! The hero of Disney, Mickey Mouse, holding a Steiff Teddy bear, and together celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary. What could be more natural than for Steiff, the inventors of the Teddy bear, to present this inseparable pair as a charming duo?

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Produkt 355929 Steiff Disney D100 Oswald 2

Oswald Disney100

Meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! This iconic piece is a tribute to Disney’s first character, and thus to the beginning of the Disney Company. You will see a strong resemblance to another famous Disney character in his beaming face. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Disney, Oswald is now back in the spotlight and we are delighted to present you a treasure of film history with this unique masterpiece.

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Collection for children

Disney Originals

Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Originals

The extra fluffy and cosy Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Originals are made especially for the youngest Disney fans, but they are loved by grown-ups, too.

Many of Disney's beloved stars have already appeared in the range and more are on the way.


Learn more about the history of Steiff & Disney

  • 1931

    Mickey Mouse 1448 from 1931

    The collaboration with Disney began in 1931. Steiff was one of the first manufacturers to create the most famous of all Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, in velvet - unmistakably dressed in yellow gloves and short red trousers. This was the beginning of a long partnership that continues to this day.

    Mickey 1931
  • 1932

    Minnie Mouse 1431 from 1932

    The following year, Mickey's friend Minnie Mouse was also born at Steiff. True to the original and classically designed with the world-famous white polka-dot skirt, red pumps and hat, she was the perfect complement to Mickey.

    Minnie 1932
  • 1951

    Bambi 7422 from 1951

    In 1950, the Disney classic "Bambi" had its cinema premiere in Germany. The following year, our Bambi was created, as delicate and lovingly designed as his cinematic counterpart.

    Bambi 1951
  • 1959

    Perri Squirrel 4312,03 from 1959

    A little-known Disney film, Perri tells the story of Perri the squirrel, based on real-life footage. A famous picture shows Walt Disney himself at the premiere of the film in Germany, surrounded by Steiff Perris.

    Perri 1959
  • 1968

    Baloo 0360/40 from 1968

    The Bare Necessities! In 1968, a series of animals based on the Disney classic "The Jungle Book" was created. Of course, the famous bear Baloo could not be missing. A second series was to follow in later years.

    Baloo 1968
  • 1988

    Antique Teddy 0243/32 from 1988

    Not a film character, but a Teddy bear full of character: In a limited edition of 1,000, the Antique Teddy was the first item at the "Teddy Bears & Doll Convention in Walt Disney World", which was held for the first time in 1988.

    Antik Teddy 1988
  • 1993

    Teddy Donald 651205 from 1993

    Teddy meets Duck: In 1993, the 6th item for the Convention was the funny Teddy Donald - a charming metamorphosis between Teddy bear and Duck, almost symbolic of the close cooperation and limited to 1,500 pieces.

    Teddy Donald 1993
  • 1994

    Winnie the Pooh 651243 from 1994

    The first Winnie the Pooh was released by Steiff in 1994. With his typical lovable expression and red waistcoat, he was number 7 in the convention series and was available in a limited edition of 2,500.

    Winnie the Pooh 1994
  • 2000

    Mickey Sorcerer's Apprentice 651519 from 2000

    In the style of Disney's "Fantasia" from 1940, "Fantasia 2000" appeared at the turn of the millennium. Steiff designed several items based on characters from the film, including Mickey, the Sorcerer's Apprentice. As an annual limit, 7,000 little wizard apprentices were produced until 31.12.2000.

    Mickey Zauberlehrling 2000
  • 2001

    Pluto 651809 from 2001

    Pluto has been Mickey, Minnie & Donald's faithful companion since 1930. In 2001, the popular character finally saw the light of day at Steiff, in an edition of 5,000.

    Pluto 2001
  • 2006

    Mickey Mouse with Disney bear 669491 from 2006

    The right combination: Mickey Mouse and Teddy bear meet for the first time in 2006. 1,500 copies of this lovingly designed pair of friends who seem to be inseparable.

    Mickey Disney Baer 2006
  • 2013

    Nemo 354885 from 2013

    We found Nemo! The first Pixar character to be released by Steiff in 2013, in a limited edition of 2,000 pieces. Detailed and authentic, right down to his underdeveloped right "lucky fin", Nemo is an original in every sense of the word.

    Nemo 2013
  • 2017

    Disney Pixar's Toy Story Woody 354915 from 2017

    Featuring cowboy Woody from Toy Story, exactly 113 triple-jointed wool felt figures were handmade at the Steiff factory in 2017. Why exactly 113? An inside joke: animators learn their craft in the A113 lecture theatre at the California Institute of Technology, which is why the number keeps popping up in Pixar productions.

    Toy Story Woody 2016
  • 2019

    Disney Frozen Olaf 354571 in 2019

    Olaf needs no introduction: the world-famous faithful sidekick of Anna and Elsa from 'Frozen' has a huge fan base all over the world. In a limited edition of 2,013 pieces, he will be released in 2019 as part of the collaboration between Disney and Steiff.

    Frozen Olaf 2019
  • 2021

    Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Originals since 2021

    Come and cuddle! The extra fluffy and cosy Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Originals are made especially for the youngest Disney fans. Many of Disney's beloved stars have already appeared in the range and more are on the way.

    Soft Cuddly Friends Disney Originals 2021
  • 2023

    Disney Mickey Mouse D100 Platinum 355936

    For 100 years, Disney's world-famous characters have enchanted people all over the world - and we're celebrating together! This extraordinary cotton velvet Mickey Mouse is inspired by the colours Disney has used to celebrate 100 years of wonder. The exclusive design is a stylish highlight for this festive occasion.

    Mickey D100 2022


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