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Steiff Rocks!

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Unique moments for fans

The Steiff Rocks! series brings together high-quality Teddy bears that have been designed with loving attention to detail with famous artists, idols or international music stars . These extraordinary originals are not only a very special gift idea for collectors, but are also aimed at fans of musicians or artists who have a special bond with their idol and for whom our Steiff Rocks! Teddy bears are more than just a great decoration.

The series started at the beginning of 2021 with the "Steiff Rocks! Queen" Teddy bear, which celebrates the champions of British rock. After "Steiff Rocks! Elton John" and "Steiff Rocks! The Rolling Stones" the next Teddy bear added to the product range is "Steiff Rocks! The Beatles".

More heroes and idols

The Steiff Teddy bear range will be expanded with more unique licensed items from the music, film and lifestyle world. We start with our James Bond Teddy bear, designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the world-famous film series - a highlight for all 007 fans and film enthusiasts!

Discover Steiff Rocks! and other highlights!

Steiff Rocks Beatles Teddybär Produkt grau
Steiff Rocks!

The Beatles

Embroidered onto our Teddy bear’s arm is “Love Me Do”, the first single released by “The Beatles” in late 1962. Their popularity became so intense that the phrase “Beatlemania” was used. A tribute to this era of the most influential rock band of all time! The Steiff Beatles Teddy bear wears his own smart grey suit and carries The Beatles’ iconic drum under his arm.

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Steiff Rocks Rolling Stones Teddybär Produkt
Steiff Rocks!

The Rolling Stones

This iconic Teddy bear was designed as a tribute to one of the world’s most legendary bands. Inspired by the classic song “Paint it Black”, his striking red mohair plush is artfully tipped in black, his black torso is adorned with the unmistakable tongue logo and The Rolling Stones embroidered on the sole, he radiates pure rock ’n’ roll feeling.

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Steiff Rocks Elton John Teddybär Produkt
Steiff Rocks!

Elton John

This item from the Steiff Rocks! series is a tribute to the outstanding musician Elton John and represents his 1973 album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Parts of the legendary album cover are detailed on the soles of the feet and the exclusive sunglasses from the Elton John glasses collection are of course also included.

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Steiff Rocks Queen Teddybär Produkt
Steiff Rocks!


The limited edition Queen Teddy bear is made from beautiful black mohair with red velvet paws. The Teddy bear proudly displays the Queen logo crest on its chest. Celebrate Queen, the champions of British Rock, with this one-of-a-kind Steiff Teddy bear.

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James Bond 1 Test

James Bond 60th Anniversary Teddy bear

This exclusive Bond bear is inspired by 007's elegant style. He wears the iconic smoking suit with mohair trousers and proudly displays the James Bond 60th anniversary logo on the sole of his foot.

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