A legendary invention

We are the inventors of the Teddy bear.

Richard Steiff the father of the Teddy bear

In 1902 Richard Steiff, Margarete's nephew, designed a toy bear made of mohair called Bear 55PB.
Inspired by American President Theodore Roosevelt, the initially nameless bear received its name Teddy, which is still known today. Roosevelt refused to shoot a tethered bear during a hunting trip . The incident was captured by cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman and published in the Washington Post.
This was the best publicity for our Teddy bear - the teddy boom began and the Steiff brand achieved worldwide recognition.

  • 1877

    Richard Steiff is born in Giengen an der Brenz on 7 February 1877.

    01 geschichte collage richard steiff 1877 1604x1042px
  • 1894

    Richard Steiff sketches his first drawings of the bear during his studies in the Nilsche Tiergarten in Stuttgart

    02 steiff baeren skizze1894 1604x1042px neu
  • 1897

    He joined his aunt Margarete Steiff‘s company.

    03 margarete steiff und filzfabrik 1897 1604x1042px
  • 1902

    He develops the world's first jointed teddy bear, the "Bear 55 PB".
    (55 cm standing and P = plush B = movable)

    04 historische foto steiff teddy baeren 1902 1604x1042px
  • 1904

    Richard develops the Teddy Bear further - the 35 PB and the 28 PB are created - the famous button in the ear is also introduced in 1904 by Franz Steiff, embossed with the elephant logo.

    05 alter steiff teddy mit knopf im ohrn 1904 1604x1042px
  • 1905

    The PAB Teddy Bears are created now using a card disc jointing method, a technique still used today
    The best known example is the grey Richard Steiff Teddy Bear which Richard made as a one-off and gave to his mother-in-law.

    06 grauer pab steiff teddy 1905 1604x1042px
  • 1906

    Steiff officially uses the name "Teddy Bear" The name was inspired by American President Theodore Roosevelt

    07 historische zeichnung steiff baer 1906 1604x1042px
  • 1908

    The Teddy Bear gets his growler voice and rare coloured bears and dressed bears were introduced.

    07 collage historische steiff teddiybaeren 1908 1604x1042px
  • 1909/10

    The Teddy Bear in Action - Purzelbär 1909 and Panthom Teddy Bear 1910

    07 steiff purzelbaer und panthom teddy 1909 10 1604x1042px
  • 1913

    Dolly Bear adds a multi splash of colour to the range

    08 steiff dolly baer 1913 1604x1042px
  • 1919

    Due to a shortage of materials, an alternative material is used. The "paper plush teddy bear" is created“

    09 steiff papierteddy 1919 1604x1042px
  • 1925

    Teddy bears are becoming colourful again - rosé and yellow are the order of the day

    10 rose teddy steiff 1925 vertikal 1604x1042px
  • 1926

    And playful clowns in the most diverse variations arrive

    11 steiff clown teddy 1926 1604x1042px
  • 1928

    Petsy joins the range - his large ears with wire reinforcement and facial centre seam are eye-catching

    12 steiff teddy petsy 1928 1604x1042px
  • 1929

    The Teddy Bear is to become friendlier and more childlike -the Teddy Baby is born and becomes a beloved favourite in the coming years

    12 steiff teddybaer baby collage 1929 1604x1042px
  • 1930

    Dicky Bear arrives with his colourful printed paw pads.
    But the classic Teddy bear remains strong and continues to delight customers

    13 steiff teddy dicky baer 1930 1604x1042px
  • 1950

    The Teddy bear gets a new design and is called "Original Teddy".

    14 steiff teddy in neuem design 1950 1604x1042px
  • 1951

    Another classic appears - Zotty

    15 steiff teddy zotty 1951 1604x1042px
  • 1953

    The Teddy bear Celebrates his 50th Birthday with "Jackie“

    16 steiff teddy jackie collage 1953 1604x1042px
  • 1956

    New materials like Dralon conquer the market illustrated here by Cosy Teddy

    17 steiff teddy cosy teddy 1956 1604x1042px
  • 1966

    The design of the classic Teddy bear is modernised.
    "Original Teddy Bear" gets a heart shaped snout affectionately called "Masked Bear" by Steiff lovers.

    18 steiff teddy maskenbaer 1966 1604x1042px
  • 1980

    The first replica appears the "Steiff Original Teddy Bear" also known as the "Papa Bear".

    19 steiff papa baer teddy 1980 1604x1042px
  • 1984

    "Teddy Petsy" revolutionises the classic jointed Teddy Bear.
    He is the first jointed teddy bear that is fully washable and it is impossible to imagine our range without him today.

    20 steiff teddy petsy 1984 1604x1042px
  • 1989

    The first British Collectors' Teddy Bear appears - a series that still delights collectors' hearts today.
    In addition, further special country editions and series are created in the following years.

    21 british collectors steiff teddy bear 1989 1604x1042px
  • 1992

    The Steiff Club is founded.

    22 steiff club teddy 1992 1604x1042px
  • 2002

    The Teddy bear celebrates his 100th birthday. There is even a musical about him.

    23 steiff teddy wird 100 2002 1604x1042px
  • 2004

    The first Margarete Steiff Edition, the "Flowers" Teddy bear is created.

    24 steiff teddy margarete steiff editon 2004 1604x1042px
  • 2005

    Margarete Steiff GmbH celebrates 125th anniversary with the "Karat Bear" and Teddy bear Charly cuddles his way into hearts

    25 steiff karat baer teddy charly 125 jahre steiff 2005 1604x1042px
  • 2006

    Fynn and Lotte follow him.

    26 steiffteddy fynn und lotte 2006 1604x1042px
  • 2012

    Selection Series - there are no limits to the materials used

    27 steiff selection serie 2012 1604x1042px
  • 2017

    Snuggly novelties with the Soft Cuddly Friends - the new favourites of today

    28 steiff soft cuddly firends collage 2017 1604x1042px
  • 2020

    Teddies for tomorrow – the teddy bears of the future

    29 steiff teddies for tomorrow 2020 1604x1042px
  • 2021

    Teddies for tomorrow also for cuddling

    30 steiff kuschelteddies for tomorrow 2021 1604x1042px
  • 2022

    120 years of the Steiff Teddy bear - the new anniversary Teddy bear family celebrates this occasion.

    31 steiff jubilaeums teddy familie 2022 1604x1042px
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