Sustainability promise

Act with responsibility!

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In order to preserve the values of Margarete Steiff for future generations, we have created a Code of Conduct which deals with the fundamental ethical business principles of Margarete Steiff GmbH. These form the basis for every procurement of goods along the supply chain and must be observed.

This serves as a guideline for our decisions and our actions. Particularly in the area of sustainability, it is of great concern to us to take into account the economy, ecology and social requirements in our internal processes and those of our business partners, and thus to contribute as a company to a sustainable economy.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our society and the environment. Within the scope of our possibilities, our actions go beyond the fulfilment of existing laws and regulations.

Environmental responsibility

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Responsible use of the earth's resources is essential for a secure future.

The idea of sustainability guides all our business decisions, product development and production.

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All products manufactured along the value chain must meet the environmental standards of our market segment.

This includes the complete product life cycle and all materials used. Resource-conserving consumption of materials and consideration of reuse and recycling is a high priority for us.

Our commitment to alternative materials & sustainability

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If Richard Steiff invented the Teddy bear today, many things would be different.
The inventor would have a different knowledge about environmental compatibility and sustainability. Other materials would be available to him or he would develop them. This is the spirit in which we act at Steiff.

New materials

We actively address the issues of sustainability and alternative materials.
The haptic quality of the plush products must be maintained, and the ecological footprint must be further improved.
The question of the best alternative plush material has not yet been answered, but we are taking on this task.
In cooperation with Steiff Schulte, one of the last weaving mills in Germany, we are developing such materials, made of paper, hemp, linen or bamboo. In 2020, the first Steiff animals were made from these materials, and many more have followed to date.