The big bear party

The Steiff Teddy bear turns 120 years old

We've got it going on!

We are celebrating the 120th birthday of the Steiff Teddy. 120 years, you have to imagine that. And it is just as long ago that the world's first Teddy bear was created here in southern Germany.

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Richard Steiff and the 55 PB

Richard Steiff was the favourite creative nephew of our founder Margarete. He attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Stuttgart and studied in England before joining the still small company in 1897. He was often found in what was then Nill's zoo, where he was inspired by the brown bears and drew them. From these drawings and sketches, Richard developed the world's first Teddy Bear with movable arms and legs in 1902, our "Bear 55 PB". The technical-sounding name was intended to be quite pragmatic: for he was 55 cm high, made of mohair plush and was movable.

Margarete was not convinced at first, but allowed Richard to exhibit the 55 PB at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903. There it initially attracted little attention until an American dealer saw the potential in the little plush bear with the moving arms and legs. In one fell swoop, he immediately ordered 3,000 bears. This is how our teddy bear began its world tour, which continues to this day.

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Companion since 1902

Kinder feiern mit steiff teddy und ballons

Many children receive their teddy bear as a gift at birth.

Countless mothers and fathers, even grandmothers and grandfathers, keep their favourite Teddy bears from their childhood for the rest of their lives. The Teddy bears sometimes have nibbled ears or eyes, and yet they still remain the most beautiful Teddy bear in the world for you personally.

This is not surprising, after all, a Teddy bear is a loyal friend and companion for every child who is by their side on every adventure. He listens to every story and of course crawls under the covers when it's storming and thundering outside. When it's time to go to bed after long days, he falls asleep snuggled in your arms and is still there the next morning.

It is this special bond that we place so much value on. The innovative "Bear 55 PB" 120 years ago has grown into an uncountable number of favourite Teddy bears, who are more a reliable friend with their own character and personality than just a stuffed animal in children's lives.

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Our Jubilee Bears

The Teddies for tomorrow 55PB teddy bear is a very special memory and tribute to its ancestor, the "Bear 55 PB" by Richard Steiff. This collector's bear is distinguished by its affiliation to the series of iconic characters made of alternative materials in the "Teddies for tomorrow" series, as well as the 1897 company logo in the form of its neck mark. We are especially proud to continue to revive the heart and soul of our very first Teddy Bear and honour him with this new Steiff Teddy. The Teddies for tomorrow 55PB Teddy bear will be available in the Steiff online shop from the beginning of May 2022.

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To mark the anniversary of the Teddy bear, we at Steiff are delighted to introduce the first Steiff Teddy bear family. For the collectors and enthusiasts, there is a very special, limited edition.

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The cuddly soft version of the family in our children's range is also very special. A real Teddy bear family. Mum and dad and the children Ben and Mila. Mila is a curious little bear without fear and her big bear brother Ben, an adventurous little guy who is always on the lookout for her. The two of them experience many surprising adventures together ...

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The Teddy bear family in our Online Shop