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Victoria Swarovski


About Victoria Swarovski

Victoria Swarovski (29), has been in show business for more than 10 years. The presenter of the RTL hit format "Let's dance", singer and songwriter, influencer and, since 2021, actress, has known from an early age that she wanted to go her own way rather than rest on the success of the family business.

"I would like to inspire people and be a good role model." she displays this ambition every day through her versatility and power-attitude. Thanks to her charming and authentic demeanour, Victoria is offered the chance to re-realise herself and use her talents in a wide variety of collaborations and jobs. Besides music, Victoria Swarovski loves fashion, so the young fashionista and Tyrolean has already designed several traditional costume collections. In 2021, Victoria founded the clean beauty line Orimei - she was passionately involved in the conception, development and design of every product.

She has some advice for her fans: "You have to love what you do and stand for it with a thousand percent conviction. Otherwise no one will buy it and you won't be happy and successful with it. Constructive criticism is good, but don't take it too much to heart. Just do your stuff and always try to do your best."

The fashion students and design supporters of Victoria Swarovski

The briefing and the idea behind it

The emergence of the bear

  • Cooperation

    Swarovski x Steiff

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  • Sketch


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  • Lacing with sequins

    Lacing with sequins

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  • Feather selection

    Feather selection

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  • Ribbon


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  • Stones selection

    Stones selection

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  • Adding stones

    Adding stones

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