Maedchen mit steiff teddy und tonie box
Steiff and Tonies

Stories you can touch

Listen - cuddle - play

Stories to listen to and cuddle at the same time. Our popular characters from the Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends collection become Tonies and tell their most beautiful stories to fall asleep to. Lita Lamb, Hoppie Rabbit and Jimmy Teddy bear come to life night after night in the rays of moonlight and slide down a magical slide into the land of cuddly friends.

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Steiff teddy jimmy

Soft Cuddly Friends Jimmy Teddy bear

Size 20cm

"A Tree House for All"

Steiff audiobook cover treehouse

Audio sample "A Tree House for All"

Audiobook cover treehouse and steiff rabbit

tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie rabbit EN audio play

Hoppie Rabbit likes to be ahead of the game when it comes to ideas. She quickly finds her bearings and discovers the most amazing things. She is quite clever, for example when Fritzy Fuchs doesn't want to share his tree house at all. You can listen to how she manages to get everyone to play there afterwards.

"A Slide for Everyone"

Steiff audiobook cover slide

Audio sample "A Slide for Everyone"

Steiff audiopbook slide cover and lita lamp

tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Lita lamb EN audio play

Lita Lamb is always there when help is needed - her cautious nature also helps the others. She can be wonderfully empathetic. And so she's also the one who breaks the ice in "A Slide for Everyone" when it comes to making new friends....

"The Banana Battle"

Stieff cover audio book banana battle

Audio sample "The Banana Battle"

Steiff jimmy bear with audio book cover bananabattle

tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Jimmy Teddy bear EN audio play

Jimmy Bear is faithful, loyal and very affectionate towards his friends. He initially appears rather cheeky or even "the bear with the big mouth", but in reality, he has a very soft core and is always the first to leap into the adventure when his friends need rescuing. He also shows his qualities when it comes to settling the "banana dispute" and making new friends...

This is how it works

tonies® is the innovative award-winning audio system for children aged from 3 to 10 years old. Three of our new Steiff cuddly animals from our Soft Cuddly Friends series are equipped with an audio play chip sewn in, making them ready to connect to the Toniebox. Just place the soft cuddly friend on the Toniebox, then off it goes with an exciting audio play!
Each of the three Soft Cuddly Friends has its own audio play with six stories from the land of soft cuddly friends. (Running time: about 70 minutes)
The cuddly animals are 20 cm in size and attach to the Toniebox by a magnet integrated in the audio play chip. A patch with the red tonies® logo shows that it is a Soft Cuddly Friend with an audio play.

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More from the world of Soft Cuddly Friends

In our audio play stories, our three heroes, Lita, Hoppie and Jimmy, meet many other cuddly friends.

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Frequently asked questions about Soft Cuddly Friends with audio play

You need a tonies® Soft Cuddly Friend with audio play and a Toniebox. The Soft Cuddly Friends are available directly in our Steiff Online Shop. You can buy the Toniebox on the tonies® website or in specialist retail outlets.

All you need do is to link the Toniebox once to your WiFi. Then simply place the Soft Cuddly Friend with audio play on the box. The audio play content is downloaded from the Cloud and from then on it can be played with the Soft Cuddly Friend at any time, even without WiFi.

At present, the following three Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends are equipped with an audio play for the Toniebox in English.

  • tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie Rabbit with EN audio play
  • tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Lita Lamb with EN audio play
  • tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends Jimmy Teddy Bear with EN audio play

Other Soft Cuddly Friends characters are available without audio play function.

The Soft Cuddly Friends have a sewn-in audio play chip with a magnet that attaches them to the Toniebox.

No. The chip is securely packed and sewn in so that nothing can happen and it is not damaged when you wash the toy in the washing machine.

Yes. You can wash the three Soft Cuddly Friends with audio play separately from other laundry at 30°C in mild detergent. We recommend using the "easy care" washing programme and a washing bag. Afterwards, it is best to let them air dry. Please do not put them in a tumble dryer or on a radiator.

We recommend the Soft Cuddly Friends with audio play and the stories that are played for children from the age of 3 and older. They are safe for children from the age of 0 to play with as they bear the CE marking.

At the moment, we deliver the tonies® Soft Cuddly Friends with audio play to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.
In the UK they are available with an English-language audio play, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a German-language audio play.

The three Soft Cuddly Friends with audio play are available in German and English. IMPORTANT: These are separate items with one language version each (DE or EN audio play). Therefore, when selecting, please pay attention to the language version you need. We only deliver the DE version to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the EN version only to the UK.

Yes, we are already working on many new ideas, so stay tuned!

  • If you have any questions about the Steiff cuddly toys with audio play, please contact the Steiff customer service.
  • If you have any questions about the Toniebox, please contact the tonies® customer service.