Cuddly toys & hygiene

We can be washed safely.

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Is it really possible to wash cuddly toys?

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The clear answer is: YES!

Viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be removed from the fur of cuddly toys by washing. According to current knowledge, the Corona virus adheres less firmly to fabrics than to smooth surfaces. So cuddling is safer than you might think. Viruses live in an envelope of fat molecules that are destroyed by washing with a commercial detergent. So for Steiff soft toys, comforters and music box covers, the following applies right now: clean regularly using detergent.

This is how it works: Wash in the washing machine or by hand

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Our Steiff soft toys made of cotton and synthetic fibres are machine-washable. The best thing to do is to put the cuddly toys in a pillowcase or a laundry net in the washing machine and wash them at 30° C, preferably with mild detergent.

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For Steiff animals made of mohair, foam up some mild detergent and carefully rub the surface with the foam. Then rinse sparingly with clean water.

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Friends for life

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Dry correctly

Please do not dry Steiff soft toys on the heater or in the dryer. Place the cuddly toys, comforters and music box covers on a clothes horse at room temperature or dry them on the line. Depending on the material, please shake up several times during drying and/or comb through carefully: Afterwards, the item will feel cuddly soft again and look great. To keep the animals in their best shape for a long time, please protect the Steiff items from moisture, heat and too much light in everyday life.

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The warming rays help to speed up the drying process.

The sun plays along.
If you can't wait to hold your Steiff cuddly toy in your arms again, it can also be left to dry on the line after washing. A little sunlight now and then won't hurt, but not too much. The right care contributes significantly to the lifespan of your Steiff cuddly toy.